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Who we are

  • Adept Movers Los Angeles provides its valued customers with a wide range of moving services, including, but not limited to, residential or commercial labor moving (i.e. no truck needed to perform the job – for example, when moving within same building or across the street); residential or commercial moving (i.e. full moving services: at the pick-up location - packing)

Why us?

  • Our award-winning services combined with professional customer service and great prices make us best movers in Los Angeles! Getting a moving quote. It’s easy to get your customized moving quote with a break-down of possible expenses – just fill out an online Get a Quote form or e-mail us or call us (see CONTACT US) and our polite and professional dispatchers will be happy to address all your questions and concerns.

our packing supplies

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Our Pricing

We have the lowest prices in Souther California with experience to back it up. We have been in business since 1998 and are fully licensed/insured.
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Some great comments

  • I am very happy with this moving company ! They are very professional and there is great attention to detail so that there is no damage to the furniture while moving . They put everything back together and ilia and Vadim are very hard working! They are very efficient and there was a huge difference compared to the company I used a few years ago when I moved from Boston! My friend recommended them and I don't regret for the choice ! I will get…

    Theo K
  • These guys are beyond awesome! My husband and I moved from LA to Irvine last year and got these people and this year from Irvine to San Diego. Andrew is a pro. He knows exactly what to do and he gets the job done immaculately. Would highly recommend these people for long distance moves. I would however say to get three people if you have a lot of furniture cuz that enhances efficiency. My husband and I just sat back while the guys packed everything…

    Sarah W
  • Used this company just yesterday. RSVP only two days in advance & service was exceptional & affordable! It was such a pleasure having the security of professionals handling my items with such short notice & NO HIDDEN FEES!!! Such a great experience, Dmitriy was awesome & I would hire this company again & request Dmitriy each & every time.

    Tammy C