Packing Materials

At Adept Movers Los Angeles, we make it our business to pack items for secure travel and safe arrival everyday. Our movers use professional grade moving boxes and industrial grade materials. We will provide these moving supplies at affordable prices, if you choose to do the packing yourself. Just let your customer service rep know what additional materials you might need. For your convenience most of these materials will be on the truck incase you will need it and not have it.

  • Small – $3/ea

    Small – $3/ea

    1.5 cu. ft (16.5"x12.5"x12.5") small used for heavy item, such as books, CD's, tools etc

  • Medium – $4/ea

    Medium – $4/ea

    3.0 cu. ft (18”x18”x16”) medium use for kitchenware (pots, pans), shoes, bathroom items etc.

  • Large – $5/ea

    Large – $5/ea

    4.5 cu. ft (18.5”x18.5”x22.5”) large used for toys, lamps, lamp shades, pillows, etc.

  • Dishpack Box – $7/ea

    Dishpack Box – $7/ea

    Dishpack box (18”x18”x27”) - with sturdy walls ae used for breakable items such as china, vases, crystal, glass items

  • Wardrobe Box – Free to use

    Wardrobe Box – Free to use

    Wardrobe boxes are provide Free of Charge and are used for transporting clothes to prevent it from becoming dirty and wrinkled. FREE USE ($15/ea if kept)

  • Unprinted Newsprint – $10/bundle

    Unprinted Newsprint – $10/bundle

    Unprinted newsprint (24”x36”) 10 lbs per bundle; an ideal economical method of packing any personal belongings.

  • Felt Guard – $5/ea

    Felt Guard – $5/ea

    Felt guard (1 sheet by 4.5”x6”) glues to furniture legs to potect wooden floors from scratching.

  • Plastic Bags – $0.60/ea

    Plastic Bags – $0.60/ea

    Plastic bag (33 gal) - an ideal, economical method to pack small and light items

  • Masking Tape – $8/ea

    Masking Tape – $8/ea

    Masking tape (2” wide) - an ideal method for packing glass and mirrors. It doesn’t leave any marks